Tashi Delek

悅意園座落於尼泊爾噶瑪列些林的旁邊,其所得均歸於噶瑪列些林。無論您是到尼泊爾的新舊佛教遺址朝聖,參訪現代化場所,修習佛法課程或者是度假,歡迎您來我們悅意園停留,請聯絡 噶瑪王子 電話 +977 9808036847, email: joyfulguesthouse@gmail.com

Joyful Guest House is located next to Nepal Karma Leksheyling. Anything earned there is for Karma Leksheyling. Whoever visits Nepal to make a Pilgrimage to ancient or newer Buddhist sites, to visit modern places, to take part in a Dharma teaching program, or for a holiday is welcome to stay at our guest house. Please contact: Karma Gyalphur, Mobile number: +977 9808036847, email: joyfulguesthouse@gmail.com


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